All TFT Support Items set 11

All TFT Support Items set 11, tier list and stats patch 14.12 new with ggmeo

Support Items Descriptions

Moonstone Renewer Moonstone Renewer

+250 Health

Every 4 seconds, shield the 2 lower percent health allies for 100-400 health (based on Stage) for 4 seconds.


Spite Spite

+250 Health

When this unit dies, all enemies within 2-hexes have their Attack Damage and Ability Power reduced by 40%. Allies in the explosion gain 50% Attack Damage and Ability power instead.

Knight's Vow Knight's Vow

+150 Health

Combat Start: Grant 200 Health and 15% Omnivamp to the holder and allies within 1 hex in the same row.

The Eternal Flame The Eternal Flame

+250 Health

While the holder is alive, all enemies are 33% Wounded, and all allies deal 8% more damage. This effect refreshes every 5 seconds.

Unstable Treasure Chest Unstable Treasure Chest

+250 Health

When the holder dies, the 3 closest allies gain a temporary completed item.