All TFT Afrifact Items set 12

All TFT Afrifacts Items set 12, tier list and stats patch 14.14 new with ggmeo

Artifacts Items Descriptions

Suspicious Trench Coa Suspicious Trench Coa

+250 Health; +25% AS

Once per combat at 50% Health, the holder splits into three copies of themself each with 33% of their max health. [Unique - only 1 per champion]

Luden's Tempest Luden's Tempest

+40% AD; +40 AP

100% of overkill damage plus 100 is dealt as magic damage to the three enemies nearest the target.

Unending Despair Unending Despair

+400 Helath; +40 Armor

Whenever a Shield on the holder breaks, 125% of that Shield’s initial value is dealt to the nearest enemy as magic damage.

Talisman of Ascension Talisman of Ascension

+300 Health; +20% AD; +20 AP

After 22 seconds gain 100% max Health and 120% increased damage for the rest of combat.

Silvermere Dawn Silvermere Dawn

+165% AD; +50 Armor; +50 MR

Grants immunity to stuns and the holder’s attacks stun the target for 0.8 seconds. The holder’s attack speed is locked at 0.5.

Blighting Jewel Blighting Jewel

+40 AP

Dealing magic damage reduces the target’s Magic Resist by 4. If their Magic Resist is 0, this grants the holder 5 Mana instead.


Wit's End Wit's End

+30% AS; +30 MR

Attacks deal 42-100 (scales with stage) bonus magic damage. Heals the holder for 35% of all magic damage dealt.

Forbidden Idol Forbidden Idol

+200 Health; +25 Armor; +25 MR

Shields have 50% of their value converted to max Health instead.

Innervating Locket Innervating Locket

+150 Health; +15 Mana

The holder gains 2% of their total Mana whenever they’re hit by an attack. Each cast restores 20% of the holder’s max Health over 3 seconds.

Mittens Mittens

+60% AS

Shrinks the holder, granting them increased movement speed, 20% damage reduction, and immunity to Chill.

Seeker's Armguard Seeker's Armguard

+30 AP; +30 Armor; +30 MR

Takedowns increase the holder’s Armor, Magic Resist, and Ability Power by 10, increased to 15 if they score the kill.

Spectral Cutlass Spectral Cutlass

+40% AD; +20% Crit Chance

Combat start: Teleports the holder to the mirrored hex on the enemy’s side of the board. After 8 seconds, the holder returns to their original location.

Corrupt Vampiric Scepter Corrupt Vampiric Scepter

+60% AS

Attacks deal an additional 50% Attack Damage as physical damage and heal the holder for the damage dealt. The holder cannot cast their ability or gain mana.

Cursed Blade Cursed Blade

+35% AS; +20 MR

 Attacks reduce the target’s max Health by 3%. 13 attacks on the same target reduces their star level by 1.

Lightshield Crest Lightshield Crest

+50 Armor; +50 MR

Every 3 seconds, Shields the lowest percent Health ally for 50% of the holder’s combined Armor and Magic Resist. On death grants this shield to all allies.

Prowler's Claw Prowler's Claw

+40% AD; +30% Crit Chance

After killing a target, shed negative effects and dash to the farthest target within 4 hexes. The next two critical attacks deal 60% bonus critical strike damage.

Horizon Focus Horizon Focus

+250 Health; +15 Mana; +20 Armor; + 20 MR

Stunning an enemy causes lightning to strike them, dealing 30% of their max Health as magic damage.

Lich Bane Lich Bane

+30 AP; +15 Mana

The holder’s first attack after each ability cast deals 180-380 (scales with stage) bonus magic damage.

Fishbones Fishbones

+35%AD; + 35% AS

Doubles the holder’s attack range ,and causes each of their attacks to target a random enemy.

Rapid Firecannon Rapid Firecannon

+75% AS

Gain +1 Attack Range, increased by 1 whenever the holder kills an enemy.

Goldmancer’s Staff Goldmancer’s Staff

has been removed 14.9

Mogul’s Mail Mogul’s Mail

has been removed 14.9