Build TFT Sage team comp Set 11

Guide build TFT Sage teams comps set 11: items, synergies, units, stats patch 14.14 and more.

Build TFT Sage team comp Set 11

Info Sage

Combat start: Allies in the front 2 rows gain Omnivamp. Allies in the back 2 rows gain Ability Power.

  • (2) +15% Omnivamp, +15 AP
  • (3) +22% Omnivamp, +30 AP
  • (4) +30% Omnivamp, +45 AP
  • (5) +45% Omnivamp, +70 AP

Sage Units

  • Zyra(2 gold) - Sage - Storyweaver
  • Diana(3 gold) - Sage - Dragonlord
  • Morgana(4 gold) - Sage - Ghostly
  • Wukong(5 gold) - Sage - Great - Heavenly

Sage team comps

Recommended Sage team comps set 11

Team comp Sage Morgana + Sylas

  • Sage Morgana + Sylas team comp champions: Aatrox, Riven, Zyra, Diana, Galio, Morgana, Sylas, Wukong, Rakan
  • Core damage: Sylas
  • Active: 4 Sage, 4 Bruiser, 1 Lovers, 1 Great, 3 Storyweaver, 2 Ghostly, 2 Altruist, 2 Dragonlord
  • Options:
    • Early game: Rakan -> Soraka: active 3 Altruist + 2 Heavenly

How to play Sage

How to play Sage set 11 updating...

Sage Augments

Some augments Sage is chosen a lot and with hight win rate.

Sage CrownSage Crown

Gain a Sage Emblem, an Adaptive Helm, and a Zyra and Diana

Sage CrestSage Crest

Gain a Sage Emblem and a Zyra and Diana.

Healing Orbs IIHealing Orbs II

When an enemy dies, the nearest ally is healed for 450.

Jeweled Lotus IIIJeweled Lotus III

Your team gains 40% Critical Strike chance, and their Abilities can critically strike.

Harmacist IIHarmacist II

Your team has 15% Omnivamp and convert 25% of excess healing to true damage on their next attack.(Omnivamp: healing for a percent of damage dealt)

Items Sage

  • Zyra: Spear of shojin, Jeweled gauntlet, Nashor's tooth
  • Diana: Warmog's armor, Gargoyle stoneplate, Dragon's claw
  • Morgana: Spear of shojin, Morellonomicon, Statikk shiv
  • Wukong: Bloodthirster, Titan's resolve, Hand of justice