Build TFT Umbral team comp Set 11

Guide build TFT Umbral teams comps set 11: items, synergies, units, stats patch 14.14 and more.

Build TFT Umbral team comp Set 11

Info Umbral

The moon illuminates hexes, Shielding units placed in them at the start of combat.

Umbral units in illuminated hexes execute low Health enemies.

  • (2) 200 Shield; 10% Health execute
  • (4) 500 Shield; 18% Health execute. More hexes are illuminated
  • (6) 1000 Shield; 20% Health execute. Illuminate the whole board
  • (9) Executed enemies have a 100% chance to drop loot; 45% Health execute

Umbral Units

  • Darius(1 gold) - Duelist - Umbral
  • Yorick(2 gold) - Behemoth - Umbral
  • Alune(3 gold) - Invoker - Umbral
  • Yone(3 gold) - Reaper - Umbral
  • Sylas(4 gold) - Bruiser - Umbral
  • Sett(5 gold) - Warden - Umbral - Fated

Umbral team comps

Recommended Umbral team comps set 11

Team comp Umbral Alune + Yone

  • Umbral Alune + Yone team comp champions: Darius, Shen, Yorick, Alune, Yone, Kayn, Sylas, Sett,
  • Core damage: Yone
  • Active: 6 Umbral, 2 Reaper, 2 Behemoth
  • Options:
    • Ornn -> Azir: active 2 Invoker
    • Umbral emblem for Kayn -> active 8 Umbral.

How to play Umbral

How to play Umbral set 11 updating...

Umbral Augments

Some augments Umbral is chosen a lot and with hight win rate.

 Umbral Crown Umbral Crown

Gain an Umbral Emblem, a Redemption, and a Yorick.

Umbral CrestUmbral Crest

Gain an Umbral Emblem and a Yorick.

Wrath of the MoonWrath of the Moon

Umbral champions deal 4% more damage every second they continue attacking an enemy. Resets when they swap targets. Gain a Darius and a Yorick.

Healing Orbs IIHealing Orbs II

When an enemy dies, the nearest ally is healed for 450.

Harmacist IIHarmacist II

Your team has 15% Omnivamp and convert 25% of excess healing to true damage on their next attack.(Omnivamp: healing for a percent of damage dealt)

Gargantuan ResolveGargantuan Resolve

Gain a Titan's Resolve. Your Titan's Resolves can continue stacking to 40 instead of 25.

Items Umbral

  • Darius: Bloodthirster, Jeweled gauntlet, Titan's resolve
  • Yorick: Bramble vest, Dragon's claw, Redemption
  • Alune: Spear of shojin, Jeweled gauntlet, Morellonomicon
  • Yone: Bloodthirster, Titan's resolve, Quicksilver
  • Sylas: Crownguard, Adaptive helm, Ionic spark
  • Sett: Bloodthirster, Titan's resolve, Hand of justice