Build TFT Porcelain team comp Set 11

Guide build TFT Porcelain teams comps set 11: items, synergies, units, stats patch 14.12 and more.

Build TFT Porcelain team comp Set 11

Info Porcelain

After casting, Porcelain champions boil, gaining Attack Speed and taking less damage for 3.

  • (2) +30% AS; 15% reduced damage
  • (4) +60% AS; 20% reduced damage
  • (6) +100% AS; 30% reduced damage

Porcelain Units

  • Lux(2 gold) - Arcanist - Porcelain
  • Amumu(3 gold) - Warden - Porcelain
  • Ashe(4 gold) - Sniper - Porcelain
  • Lissandra(5 gold) - Arcanist - Porcelain

Porcelain team comps

Recommended Porcelain team comps set 11

Team comp Porcelain Ashe + Lissandra

  • Porcelain Ashe + Lissandra team comp champions: Kog'Maw, Lux, Amumu, Annie, Ashe, Nautilus, Lillia, Azir, Lissandra
  • Core damage: Ashe
  • Active: 4 Porcelain, 4 Invoker, 2 Sniper, 3 Mythic, 2 Arcanist, 2 Warden
  • Options:
    • Lux -> Ornn: active 2 Dryad
    • 2 Porcelain emblem for Annie and Nautilus: active 6 Porcelain.

How to play Porcelain

How to play Porcelain set 11 updating...

Porcelain Augments

Some augments Porcelain is chosen a lot and with hight win rate.

Porcelain CrownPorcelain Crown

Gain a Porcelain Emblem, An Adaptive Helm, and a Lux.

Spirit GuardiansSpirit Guardians

Wardens' start of combat damage reduction is increased by 12%. 20% of damage dealt to non-Wardens is instead distributed across your Wardens. Get a Garen and a Jax.

Porcelain CrestPorcelain Crest

Gain a Porcelain Emblem and a Lux.

Boiling PointBoiling Point

Porcelains' attacks grant 5 bonus Mana. While boiling, their attacks also Burn and Wound. Gain a Lux.

Healing Orbs IIHealing Orbs II

When an enemy dies, the nearest ally is healed for 450.

You Have My BowYou Have My Bow

Gain a Recurve Bow. Your units gain 12% Attack Speed.

Pandora's ItemsPandora's Items

Round start: items on your bench are randomized (except Tactician's Crown and Spatula).Gain a random component.

Items Porcelain

  • Lux: Spear of shojin, Jeweled gauntlet, Nashor's tooth
  • Amumu: Bramble vest, Dragon's claw, Warmog's armor
  • Ashe: Guinsoo's rageblade, Last whisper, Infinity edge
  • Lissandra: Spear of shojin, Hextech gunblade, Jeweled gauntlet