Build TFT Fated team comp Set 11

Guide build TFT Fated teams comps set 11: items, synergies, units, stats patch 14.12 and more.

Build TFT Fated team comp Set 11

Info Fated

Hover one Fated unit over another to form a pair and unlock a Fated Bonus. Your pair gains 20% HP.

  • (3) Pairs gets the Fated Bonus.
  • (5) All Fated champions get 120% of the Fated Bonus.
  • (7) All Fated champions get 250% of the Fated Bonus.
  • (10) All Fated Bonuses are activated at 300%.

Fated Units

  • Ahri(1 gold) - Arcanist - Fated
  • Yasuo(1 gold) - Duelist - Fated
  • Kindred(2 gold) - Reaper - Fated - Dryad
  • Thresh(3 gold) - Behemoth - Fated
  • Aphelios(3 gold) - Sniper - Fated
  • Syndra(4 gold) - Arcanist - Fated
  • Sett(5 gold) - Warden - Umbral - Fated

Fated team comps

Recommended Fated team comps set 11

Team comp 7 Fated

  • 7 Fated team comp champions: Ahri, Yasuo, Kindred, Thresh, Aphelios, Ashe, Syndra, Ornn, Sett
  • Core damage: Aphelios
  • Active: 7 Fated, 2 Dryad, 2 Arcanist, 2 Behemoth, 2 Sniper

Team comp Fated Syndra

  • Fated Syndra team comp champions: Ahri, Gnar, Kindred, Thresh, Annie, Syndra, Ornn, Azir, Sett
  • Core damage: Syndra
  • Active: 5 Fated, 4 Dryad, 2 Arcanist, 2 Warden, 2 Behemoth, 2 Invoker

How to play Fated

How to play Fated set 11 updating...

Fated Augments

Some augments Fated is chosen a lot and with hight win rate.

Fated CrownFated Crown

Gain a Fated Emblem, a Sunfire Cape, and a Kindred.

Fated CrestFated Crest

Gain a Fated Emblem and a Kindred.

Healing Orbs IIHealing Orbs II

When an enemy dies, the nearest ally is healed for 450.

Heroic Grab BagHeroic Grab Bag

Gain 2 Lesser Champion Duplicators and 6 gold.

Magic WandMagic Wand

Gain a Needlessly Large Rod. Your units gain 18 Ability Power.


After 15 seconds of combat, your units deal 50% more damage.

You Have My SwordYou Have My Sword

Gain a B.F. Sword. Your units gain 15% Attack Damage.

Jeweled Lotus IIJeweled Lotus II

Your units' Abilities can critically strike. Your units gain 15% Critical Strike chance.

Items Fated

  • Ahri: Spear of shojin, Nashor's tooth, Jeweled gauntlet
  • Yasuo: Gargoyle stoneplate, Gargoyle stoneplate, Gargoyle stoneplate
  • Kindred: Blue buff, Morellonomicon, Jeweled gauntlet
  • Thresh: Dragon's claw, Bramble vest, Warmog's armor
  • Aphelios: Guinsoo's rageblade, Infinity edge, Giant slayer
  • Syndra: Blue buff, Jeweled gauntlet, Nashor's tooth
  • Sett: Bloodthirster, Titan's resolve, Hand of justice