Kindred TFT set 11 : Build Items, team Comps and more

Guide build Kindred tft set 11 dryad, fated items, team comps and stats, synergies Kindred reaper patch 14.14 with ggmeo.

Kindred tft set 11
  • Dryad Dryad
  • Fated Fated
  • Reaper Reaper

Ability Kindred

Flourish of Arrows: Dash away from the current target and deal magic damage to them and magic damage to the nearest enemy.

Fated Bonus: Gain 20% Attack Speed.

  • AP Damage: 125 / 185 / 285
  • AP Secondary Damage: 70 / 105 / 165

Stats Kindred

Kindred dtcl Cost: 2 gold Origin: Dryad vs Fated Class: Reaper
Magical Resistance
Attack Speed

Team comps Kindred

Refer to some of the Kindred set 11 team comps that are used a lot and have high win rates. The Kindred items you can combine flexibly for each game.

Items Kindred

Build items Kindred set 11 Pick Avg.Rank Top 4 Win
Blue Buff
Jeweled Gauntlet
% % %
Blue Buff
Rabadon's Deathcap
% % %
Blue Buff
Nashor's Tooth
Rabadon's Deathcap
% % %

Synergie Kindred

Reaper Kindred Reaper
  • (2) Reapers' Abilities can critically strike and they gain 20%
  • (4) Additionally, Reapers' bleed enemis for 45% true damage over 3 seconds.
Dryad Kindred Dryad

Dryads gain Ability Power and 100 Health. Each enemy death grants additional Health.

  • (2) +10 AP; 4 HP per enemy death
  • (4) +20 AP; 8 HP per enemy death
  • (6) +30 AP; 12 HP per enemy death
Fated Kindred Fated

Hover one Fated unit over another to form a pair and unlock a Fated Bonus. Your pair gains 20% HP.

  • (3) Pairs gets the Fated Bonus.
  • (5) All Fated champions get 120% of the Fated Bonus.
  • (7) All Fated champions get 250% of the Fated Bonus.
  • (10) All Fated Bonuses are activated at 300%.

Gameplay Kindred

Gameplay Kindred tft set 11 updating...

Above is the team comps Kindred set 11 Reaper lineup and build items Kindred tft patch 14.14 Dryad vs Fated with the latest statistics updated by ggmeo, thank you!