Kayle TFT Storyweaver team comp Set 11

Guide build TFT Storyweaver teams comps set 11: items, synergies, units, stats patch 14.12 and more.

Kayle TFT Storyweaver team comp Set 11

Info Storyweaver

Storyweavers summon a Hero named Kayle and evolve her. Storyweavers gain max Health.

Each Storyweaver star level increases Kayles Health and Ability Power. Kayle gets 10% Attack Speed for each game Stage.

  • (3) Pick a supportive effect. +60 HP.
  • (5) Pick a combat effect. +100 HP.
  • (7) Pick a combat effect. +150 HP.
  • (10) Ascend. +250 HP.

Storyweaver Units

  • Garen(1 gold) - Warden - Storyweaver
  • Sivir(1 gold) - Trickshot - Storyweaver
  • Riven(2 gold) - Bruiser - Altruist - Storyweaver
  • Zyra(2 gold) - Sage - Storyweaver
  • Zoe(3 gold) - Arcanist - Storyweaver - Fortune
  • Galio(4 gold) - Bruiser - Storyweaver
  • Irelia(5 gold) - Duelist - Storyweaver

Storyweaver team comps

Recommended Storyweaver team comps set 11

Team comp Kayle Storyweaver Galio

  • Kayle Storyweaver Galio team comp champions: Garen, Sivir, Riven, Zyra, Zoe, Galio, LeeSin, Irelia, Rakan
  • Core damage:
  • Active: 7 Storyweaver, 1 Lovers, 2 Duelist, 2 Bruiser, 2 Dragonlord, 2 Altruist
  • Options:
    • Kayle full damage -> Kayle Attack Speed with 3 items Red
    • If have 3 Storyweaver Emblem and up to level 10: You can active 10 Storyweaver, with Rakan + Wukong.

How to play Storyweaver

How to play Storyweaver set 11 updating...

Storyweaver Augments

Some augments Storyweaver is chosen a lot and with hight win rate.

 Storyweaver Crown Storyweaver Crown

Gain a Storyweaver Emblem, a Gargoyle Stoneplate, and a Riven.

Call to AdventureCall to Adventure

Every 2 takedowns, Storyweaver Kayle permanently gains 3 Ability Power and 18 Health. Gain a Garen and a Sivir.

Storyweaver CrestStoryweaver Crest

Gain a Storyweaver Emblem and a Riven and Garen.

Heroic Grab BagHeroic Grab Bag

Gain 2 Lesser Champion Duplicators and 6 gold.

Magic WandMagic Wand

Gain a Needlessly Large Rod. Your units gain 18 Ability Power.

Big Grab BagBig Grab Bag

Gain 3 random components, 2 gold, and 1 Reforger.

Pandora's Items IIPandora's Items II

Round Start: items on your bench are randomized (excluding Tactician's Crown, Spatula, and consumables).Gain 1 random completed item.

You Have My BowYou Have My Bow

Gain a Recurve Bow. Your units gain 12% Attack Speed.

Items Storyweaver

  • Garen: Titan's resolve, Archangel's staff, Dragon's claw
  • Sivir: Guinsoo's rageblade, Last whisper, Infinity edge
  • Riven: Bloodthirster, Blue buff, Infinity edge
  • Zyra: Spear of shojin, Jeweled gauntlet, Nashor's tooth
  • Zoe: Spear of shojin, Jeweled gauntlet, Rabadon's deathcap
  • Galio: Gargoyle stoneplate, Dragon's claw, Warmog's armor
  • Irelia: Guinsoo's rageblade, Infinity edge, Giant slayer